Ding Hao FAQs


What time must we arrive at Ding Hao?

Classes begin promptly at 9:30 AM, so please plan accordingly. Since parking availability is limited at Radnor Middle School, you may wish to allow a little extra time.

If I don’t feel my child is in the right class, what should I do?

Every attempt is made to place the children appropriately. If there are any issues, please speak with your teacher and Mrs. Betty Foo no later than the second week of school.

Where can I get textbooks/songbooks?

Please ask your teacher.

Which classes attend circle time?

Generally, the youngest children attend circle time; the specific classes that participate can change each year.

How can I find out about my child’s homework assignment?

For all classes, the parents are encouraged to come into the classroom for the last 10 minutes to go over what the children learned and to hear the homework assignment.

May I bring a younger sibling into my child’s class?

Please try to make other arrangements for younger siblings. It can be very distracting to both your child and the other children as well. If you have extenuating circumstances, please see your teacher.

How can I get involved in Ding Hao?

Join the PTO! Sign up to help out. Serve as an officer. Everyone’s help, cooperation and input are desperately needed! And in general, if you see a need, feel free to ask how you can help! Ding Hao is a close-knit family. You may contact the PTO Presidents.

My child has food allergies. Who should I tell?

If your child is allergic to any food, PLEASE let your teacher know immediately. Be aware that occasionally we offer children opportunities to taste various Chinese foods.

What is the Main Line Chinese School/Ding Hao snow day closing information?

KYW 1060, Broadcast Number 1050, or call the Closing Line 215-224-1060. Or visit our website:dinghao.ccagp.org/

Where is the Parents’ Area?

Currently on the 2nd floor bridge however this is subject to change.

If there are unexpected changes in the Ding Hao schedule, will we receive a partial refund for that time?

No. Ding Hao will make every effort to make up any time loss when schedule changes occur because of unforeseen events or inclement weather; however, the school will not offer refunds in the event of scheduling changes.