I hope this letter finds you well and safe.  As the school year is now over, we wanted to thank all parents for the patience shown throughout this past semester.  As a parent myself, I was so excited to see that my children were still able to continue their Chinese during quarantine.  I am sure you would agree, those couple of hours of free time were also nice.  We are so proud of our teachers, who quickly adapted to zoom and prepared lessons that continued our high standard of education in Ding Hao.  Also, wanted to acknowledge the continued work of Principal Mrs. Betty Foo, who created new lesson plans, helped teachers adapt and transition to a new learning style.  Her amazing dedication to our students is something to marvel at, but we all know it is all about the students for her.  We love you Principal Foo!

         As we look to the fall, we will align with Radnor Township School District and determine what makes the most sense and provide the highest level of safety for all families.  We will provide updates through out the summer as become they come available.

         As many parents are looking for things to do over the summer with most camps cancelled.  We wanted to ensure that everyone is aware of the virtual Ding Hao summer camp this year and the dates are Session 1 ( July 6 – July 24) & Session 2 ( July 27 – Aug 14).  There are a host of different individual classes that can be attended ala cart or in total if families choose.  This gives parents options to continue their children’s learning over the summer, classes consist of language, arts and crafts, cooking and many other offerings all for 5 dollars per half hour session.  That is an extraordinary price!  Please see the attachments and sign up.  We also wanted to thank the anonymous donor for the very generous $5,000 donation to summer camp.

         Again, thank you to all who continued to provide tireless efforts to ensure that our children get to continue to learn Chinese and continue the heritage of Ding Hao.  Our focus will always be the students and the high level of education.

Thanks Again,

Jeff and Grace SAC CO- President

Connie Lai, PTO president