Dear Parents,

This Friday will be the last class of the first session of our virtual summer camp. Next Monday, we’ll start our second session. This is the first time in 20 years that we only see each other over zoom. We miss seeing all the campers and teachers having fun together indoors and outdoors. We are so encouraged by many campers who live as far away as Seattle, California, Boston, New York, New Jersey, and Texas joining us this year.  I am looking forward to meeting some of the new campers joining us next week, as well as sharing stories with teachers and parents.
I just talked to Dr. Harrison Chao. He is still negotiating with the Radnor School District. I hope we can return to the classroom in Radnor Middle School. For the time being, we are planning to reopen the Saturday after labor day. Yet, I am worried about the pandemic that will change our usual ways of holding Ding Hao School. We definitely will keep you posted. In two weeks, we will be sending you an application, room assignments, and a tentative school schedule. Please note this year the registration period has been extended.
If we cannot return to the Radnor Middle School for in-person classes, the Wawa class will have to be reconsidered. They are too young (3-4 years old) to handle virtual classes. It is quite challenging to deal with the consequences of this pandemic, with all the uncertainties and necessary safety considerations. Last semester, we had 10 weeks of online courses, which worked out quite well. Fortunately,  the 6-week summer camp allowed us to gain a better experience with how to handle virtual classrooms and courses. But, I’m sure we are all in this together. We will get through.
I also want to thank all the teachers for preparing extra teaching materials and to parents who accompany their children on zoom and guide their daily classes. A special thank you to Connie, Mei Ping, and Grace for being so helpful and encouraging throughout these 6 weeks of summer camp.
I’m looking forward to touching base with you again in August about Fall registration.
Betty Foo