Dear Dinghao parents:

Lots of things are coming up in the last few weeks of school. 

We have 3 more classes left this semester. 

1.  May 11th is Mothers Day weekend and the teachers will have activities for the children to make for mom.  

2.  May 18th is the last day of school and we have class for 30 minutes and from 10 – 11:30 we will have a graduation celebration for 2 seniors and a party after the ceremony.  

3.  Please make sure to fill out the survey that I sent out earlier this week.  We need to fill it out by May 4th (tomorrow) to see if we will have a spring end of the year party.

4.  Lastly, if room parents want to collect end of the year gifts for teachers they should start now.

Have a nice weekend!

Wenli Yang