Dear Parents and Teachers,

There will be regular class tomorrow starting at 9:30AM.

Coffee in the Parents Room

Thank you so much to the Short family who has agreed to take over the setting up and breaking down of coffee for the month of February.  We are looking for another family to take over for the month of March.  Please note that coffee will be put away at 11AM.  There will be tin for donations to cover the coffee supplies.  Any surplus, after supplies are purchased, will go to the Ding HaoPTO.

Spring Semester Registration

Spring semester has begun and families that were registered during the fall semester but have not yet registered for the new semester should have received a reminder invoice email this week. You can pay by credit card by using the Paypal link in the email, but as always, anyone wishing to pay by check can bring it to school. Tuition checks can be handed to one of us.  You can also register at the web site