Dear Students and Parents,

The Culture Festival will take place this Saturday, January 30th at 9:30.  The teachers and I have been working hard to create a fun, interactive learning experience for you and our guests.  I know you will not want to miss the Culture Festival this year so please make every effort to be at school on Saturday.
Students, you and your teachers have been preparing for your class’s special presentation. You have an important role, teaching others about your class’s area of focus for this year’s Culture Festival.  Yes, we all will be Chinese ambassadors sharing and celebrating her rich history and culture on Saturday!  Your teacher will give you time to visit all of the tables.  I encourage you to have fun and participate in the activities prepared for you.
Unfortunately, the Little Star Dancers are already on their way back to China as I write to you.  We hope to have the opportunity to host them in the future.  TheCulture Festival will begin at 10:00 and end at 11:30.  Please wear your name tag so we can easily identify Ding Hao students and parents from our guests.  Have fun visiting each table and please participate in the art or craft activity, play the various Chinese games, take part in the character hunt, sample the food and tea.  We are confident you will discover and learn more about China’s rich history and culture at this years festival!
The teacher at each table will give you tickets for your participation in their class’s activity.  At 11:15 you will be able to take your tickets and select a Culture Festival prize(s).  
Xie Xie,
Mrs. Foo